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Total Darkness (Part 1)
Topic Started: Saturday Feb 20 2010, 05:05 PM (2,114 Views)
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♥ Lumi is Love ♥
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Since TIIC were so bent on not writing for Lucas while Rafe and Elvis are around, I have come up with an idea to show them that Lucas can exist and should exist in Salem and could have been written for….Bryan would have been able to pull this very storyline I’m about to write and he would have knocked it out of the ballpark…enjoy!

None of the characters are mine. Credit goes to NBC/Corday/Sony.

Author: Luvinglumi

Ratings: PG-13

This story takes place after Lucas finds out about Chloe’s cheating and Kate’s attempt to poison her. He falls off the wagon, gets into his car and drives himself into a tree almost killing himself. He has been in a coma for 2 months and has suffered extensive head trauma….

Total Darkness

Lucas had been moved to a rehab and physical therapy hospital on the outskirts of Salem. The doctors were giving Kate a prognosis for his recovery that wasn’t very good. The possibility was there that when and if Lucas ever awoke from his coma he would have some sort memory loss. Long term or short term memory loss was a possibility with the type of trauma the accident had caused. Lucas’ car had not only hit the tree at an excessive speed but he was propelled through the windshield and his head made impact with the trunk of maple tree that had managed to stop the car. However, that didn’t worry Kate or Philip as much as what the doctor told them after. Lucas would likely wake up without the ability to see. His head trauma was very extensive and it affected his optic nerve to the point that it was damaged. How would Kate or Philip ever tell Lucas that he would likely never see his little girl’s face again, he wouldn’t know what she looked like as she grew up. He wouldn’t be able to see Will become the man he always thought he could be. Kate was very sad at this prospect and Philip kept telling her that all this was her fault.

“If you weren’t so bent on destroying your kid’s lives he might have been happy a very long time ago.”

“Oh please, Chloe would have never made him happy, she loved Daniel and she never loved Lucas, no matter what I did.”

”Mom, you know I’m not talking about Chloe. You know who I’m talking about, who is the woman that no matter what you did to try to stop Lucas from being with her, he just couldn’t help himself. He truly loved her and was willing to do anything for her, but you just had to ruin that too.”

“You are talking about Sami? Oh Philip. I’ve always thought that Sami was poison for Lucas.”

“Poison? You saw your son miserable when his marriage to her was ending. That isn’t poison mom; it’s love and that is a very powerful emotion to try to cut out of someone’s life when they feel it. If you hadn’t stopped him and Sami he wouldn’t have gone with Chloe trying to forget all about Sami, she wouldn’t have cheated on him with Dan and he wouldn’t be in this situation now. Oh, and you wouldn’t be married to Stefano either, did you forget that little tidbit.”

“Philip, please stop. We don’t know if he can hear or not.”

“You know what might help him come out of his coma right?”


“A visit from a certain someone and their kids.”

“They have come by twice in two months, Sami is too involved with Rafe to even care about Lucas anymore.”

“You are a piece of work, you stopped her from coming here on eight occasions when the accident first occurred. Why would she want to continue coming back?”

“If she really cared at all about him she wouldn’t care what I want or don’t want, she would find a way to come regardless of how I feel.”

Little did Kate know that Sami and Philip had a secret pact. Philip has signed for Sami Brady to have access to Lucas’ room at whatever time she wished. She only needed to sign the book at the entry. So far Sami had been there every night for 60 nights and the two day trips was just to show Kate that she was there, if Kate only knew how many more nights Sami had spent with Lucas, with or without Kate’s permission.

Every night Sami came by she did the same thing. She always showed up after 9pm when regular visiting hours were over. But that was the time that only spouses were allowed to come. Philip had lied on the form and had put Sami down as Lucas’ wife. Every night Sami would sign the book as Sami Horton. She would bring Allie by occasionally and Will would swing by on his own from time to time, but Sami was there every night since the accident. She hated seeing him lying there, all bandaged up without speaking. All sorts of tubes coming out from every part of his body. He had the feeding tube in his stomach; the respirator tube had already been moved from his mouth to his trachea. He had made virtually no progress in two months, and Sami was growing more and more depressed with each day.

“Oh Lucas, what can I ever tell you to make you come out of this.” She said to him as she sat down next to his bed and stroked his cheek.

There were three words that Sami hadn’t said to Lucas since around the time he caught her in bed with Elvis. She didn’t know if she should tell him, and she didn’t want to say anything that would make it worse, but there was something in her heart that was dying with every day that passed that she hadn’t told him. She still loved him very much, but she thought he didn’t feel the same for her. He moved on with that opera witch, and she moved on with Rafe, and if she had known that Chloe was cheating on him she would have never let it continue. She would have blown the entire thing out of the water and she wouldn’t have lied to him like Chloe, Dan, Philip and Kate had.

Sami looked at Lucas again, and leaned into him. She grabbed a hold of his right hand and slowly approached his ear with her mouth. She kissed his cheek and slowly whispered.

“Lucas, it’s me Sami. If you can hear me, I want you to know that I have never stopped loving you. I love you Lucas and I always will.”

Sami looked up and a tear ran down her cheek. The tear fell on Lucas cheek and at that time something started happening that she couldn’t explain. She thought she felt Lucas hand slightly squeeze hers. She didn’t know if it was real or not. Was she hallucinating?

Just then the monitors started beeping erratically and Sami sprung up and rang the nurse’s call button. The stream of nurses and a doctor rushed in and ushered Sami out of the room.

“It’s a miracle, your husband appears to have reacted to whatever you just did.”

“My hus…., oh, yes, that is just great news.”

“I will call his mother and brother to rush over.”

“Oh, perfect doctor. I’ll just stay around and leave just before they show up.”

“You can stay you know.”

“I know, but I don’t think his mother would be happy…... mother-in laws you know.” Sami didn’t want to let the cat out of the bag, but she wanted the ability to still come by every night if she could and she knew that if Kate found out that would be over with.

“It’s up to you Mrs. Horton, whatever you wish is fine, but the news is great at least tonight it is. He’s made a little progress and we don’t want to overwhelm him at first.”

“I understand doctor, is he awake and responsive?”

“No, he was though and he fell back into the coma, but it does appear that once that happens his chances to come out of the coma once and for all increase by up to 80%, we need to be optimistic about this, especially now.”

Sami smiled and thanked the doctor. Gathered her things and took one last look at Lucas before leaving for the night.

Kate and Philip rushed to the hospital upon hearing the good news, but Lucas still appeared to be in the same state as he was just the day before. He looked no different. When Kate inquired to one of the nurses as to what had occurred with her son’s condition the nurse told her that Mrs. Horton had a breakthrough during her visit last night.

“Mrs. Horton? Chloe?”

Philip upon hearing his mother’s shock had to tell her what he had done and why.

“PHILIP, what are you thinking?”

“Well obviously, I’m thinking on whatever would work to help my brother, and obviously I can’t say the same about you. It appears I was right, and Sami coming over and simply speaking to him would help.”

“How long has this been going on?”

“Since the second day he was here. When you threw her out of here Sami called me begging me to have a chance to see Lucas. You know mom, she cares enough about him to want to swing by every night and she does it.”

“This is absurd! I can’t allow this.”

“Mother, Lucas didn’t even want to speak or see you when he found out the truth, so why would you ever think he would want YOU around here instead of Sami?”

“I’m his mother and I’ve always had Lucas’ best interests at heart.”

After the argument died down Kate made arrangements to move Lucas to another facility where the security would be more stringent and were Philip wouldn’t be able to do what he had done here. Lucas was moved the following day and Kate kept the location a secret from even Philip this time. Nothing was going to get Sami close to Lucas again, nothing and Kate was bent on making sure of that.

Two weeks later, Lucas would come out of his coma once and for all and when he opened his eyes he saw nothing. Total darkness and he didn’t know what to think.

“My eyes, my eyes are open and I don’t see. What is this? Where am I?

Kate didn’t know what to say. “Honey, this is mom, you had a very bad car accident and you flew out of the windshield into a tree. You’ve been in a coma for almost 3 months.”

“In a coma? But why can’t I see? Remove my bandages, I must have something covering my eyes.”

Lucas was hysterical and he was pulling at bandages that weren’t over his eyes. He finally realized what occurred, when he realized his eyes were open and he only saw a very dark world ahead of him, no light, just darkness and shadows. He began to cry and he buried his face into his hands as he sobbed.

The doctor then proceeded into the room and asked Kate to wait outside. He had to ask Lucas some questions to see if his memory was affected in any way.

“Lucas, this is Doctor Willaby, I am going to ask you a series of questions that I would like for you to answer to the best of your ability.”

“Okay doctor, but why can’t I see? How long will this last? Will this be forever?”

“Let me ask you these questions first and then we’ll examine your sight and see what is happening with that.”


“What is your first and last name?”

“Lucas Roberts”

“What year is it?”


“Do you have children?”

“Yes, a boy, named William”

“Are you currently married?”


“Have you been married before and what was her name?”

“Yes, I’ve been married and her name was Nicole.”

“What is your mother’s name?”

“Kate Roberts”

“What is your father’s name?

”Bill Horton”

“How about your grandmother’s name?”

“Alice Horton”

“Do you have siblings?”

“Yes, two half brothers Austin and Philip and a sister Billie”

“Who would you say you hate with a passion?”

“Stefano Dimera, Nicole Walker, Eric Brady”

“Anyone you love with a passion?”

“Yes, Carrie Brady”

“Who is your son’s mother?”

“I guess it’s Carrie, I don’t know that question actually, I am not sure, something tells me it’s not Carrie, because I remember her with Austin, she loved my brother. Sorry doctor, I don’t know.”

“Who are your best friends?”

“I don’t have any”

“Are you sure?”

“I use to have a very good female friend, but I don’t know anymore.”

“Do you remember her name?”

“I’ve been trying to remember her name but I can’t”

“Okay Lucas, we’ll take a break for now. Too many questions can have an adverse affect on what we are trying to do”

The doctor proceeded out of the room and approached Kate.

“Kate, you gave me the answer to the questions I asked him and it appears he does have long term memory loss. He thinks we are still in 2002 and he doesn’t seem to remember his son’s mother at all. Doesn’t remember her name or anything and I find that extremely odd as he remembers he has a son and usually the son’s memories go along with the mother’s memories. He seems to have blocked her out of his memory. Would you know why?”

“I think I know why doctor, he had a very traumatic experience with the mother of his son. She accused him of horrible things and they have a very bad relationship when it comes to parenting their child.”

“Okay, that would be in line with my thinking.”

“Your thinking?”

“Yes, your son is in love with the mother of his son and he’s blocked her out because it’s too painful to think about. I just need to warn you though, that when and if those memories come back the feelings will come back equally as strong.”

“It’s alright doctor, I don’t think his memories about her will come back. Let’s move onto his sight. What is happening with that?”

“Well, I have set up and appointment for him tomorrow. One of the best eye specialists in the area will come by to examine him. Her name is Doctor Lucielle Romanio and she specializes in traumatic eye injuries affecting the optic nerve, which is what your son is suffering from. She will be here tomorrow at 1:00 pm. She will likely recommend switching him to the school for the blind when he is done with the evaluation. The team there is excellent. They will show your son how to live his life with his disability.”

“Perfect, he’ll be ready. Thank you doctor.”

“Thanks Ms. Roberts.”

(to be continued)
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Lumi Ph.D.
 *  *  *  *  *  *  *
Gooo Philip! Love that he snuck Sami in.

Typical Kate, claiming that what's best for her child is what's actually worst for him.

Love Sami being mistaken for his wife... reminds me of one of my favorite Lumi scenes, back when Sami lost her voice and couldn't tell the doctor Lucas wasn't her husband.

He doesn't remember Mike and Jennifer, or are they just not worth mentioning?

Can't wait for more! Great start!
Do you remember what she told him? She took her lover’s hand, and she said, “just because something is intangible doesn't mean that it's not real.” Lucas, no matter what happens, no matter what we’ve been through, no matter what I say, you will always be in my heart. -- Sami Brady, November 2007
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Keeper of the Clips
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Kate :@

She never learns, does she?

Great start! Update soon.
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“To what was lost... to what was found... to what will always be..." ~ Jack Deveraux

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♥ Lumi is Love ♥
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He doesn't remember Mike and Jennifer...YET he will soon though.......he seems to remember his siblings on his mother's side not his father's.
Edited by luvinglumi, Saturday Feb 20 2010, 05:50 PM.
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Lucas is awesome
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Lumi Ph.D.
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This a truly wonderful story and your right Bryan would have knocked this story out of the ball park with Lucas going blind after a car accident and having short term memory loss.

I love that Philip said that Sami is Lucas wife to get her in after visiting hours without Kate there. I love that Sami told Lucas how much she loves him every night and that she has been going to him every night to talk to him trying to encourage him to get better.

Kate is truly unbelievable making up these lies to try to keep Lucas from remembering Sami but he soon will and his memory will coming flooding back to him about her after hearing her voice and he will have flashbacks and memories of her very soon.

Loved that Lucas squeezed Sami's hand to respond to her and let her know that he was waking up and heard every word she said.

I hope Sami regardless if he wants her there or not helps Lucas to get through this that she gets so wrapped up in wanting to take care of the love of her life Lucas that she forgets about Rafe or she decides that she wants to break up with him and move in with Lucas and help him get through this.

Kate you are truly unbelieveable. I loved the Philip and Sami scenes as well. Kate needs to but out for once again she is not thinking about what Lucas would have wanted and what would help Lucas recovery and what he needs.

I love this story so far and I can't wait read more of it for this story truly rocks and I am hooked and truly interested in see what happens next in this story for this story truly rocks.

What a powerful emotional journey Lucas is going through having to face being blind and having short term memory loss and poor Lucas when he broke down and cried I truly felt for him but hes not going to go through this alone for Sami will help him get through this and she is Lucas best medicine and will truly help get through this and not face this alone.

I am truly glad that Sami is there for him and that she is not going to let Lucas go through this alone and love that she visits him after visiting hours and tells him every night telling him how much she truly loves him I love this story and can't wait to read more of it.
Edited by Lucas is awesome, Saturday Feb 20 2010, 08:24 PM.
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Lumi Ph.D.
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Saturday Feb 20 2010, 05:47 PM
He doesn't remember Mike and Jennifer...YET he will soon though.......he seems to remember his siblings on his mother's side not his father's.
Cool. :) And fascinating...
Do you remember what she told him? She took her lover’s hand, and she said, “just because something is intangible doesn't mean that it's not real.” Lucas, no matter what happens, no matter what we’ve been through, no matter what I say, you will always be in my heart. -- Sami Brady, November 2007
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Lumi Sophmore
 *  *
I can't wait for the reunion and the reveals. This is a wonderful start to what could've been a wonderful story arc on the show. Scratch that. It would have been kick a$$.
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♥ Lumi is Love ♥
 *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
Thanks everyone for your inspiring words. I've always thought that Bryan would rock either a blind storyarc like this or a paralysis storyarc and the idiots had the perfect opportunity. with him falling off the wagon. The story I'm writing is Lucas centric so you won't see too much of Sami until later on and some might not like the twists and turns I have planned but in the end I hope you agree that it was worth it. My goal is to show that the writers if not lazy could have done Lucas justice, kept him away from Sami for a period of time if they wanted to but with a real story & not a contrived forced way to showcase a newcomer and still kept Rafe and Ej and everyone else....no one deserved to get canned because Sami had "too many men"....that is just laziness-nothing else.
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Lumi Ph.D.
 *  *  *  *  *  *  *
Oh so loving this story and am feinding for more. Can't wait for the next chapter.
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Thank you Days for bringing back Bryan Dattilo as Lucas Horton!
His fans are ecstatic about his return!
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Lumi B.A.
 *  *  *  *  *
I love it!!

I can't wait to see what happens next....

Please Update Again SOON!!
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Lumi Freshman
Love it can't wait to see what happens next
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Lumi B.A.
 *  *  *  *  *
Wow great start!!!
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